Gen Blue Experience | RGX

Known for pushing the envelope, outdoing ourselves and violating expectations, every year we push the boundaries of what is possible for a Coldwell Banker® Generation Blue Experience®—and 2019 is no exception.

But that is also no small task. Last year, we brought together more than 6,000 members of Gen Blue to Las Vegas for the biggest Generation Blue Experience in over decade. We had big name talent. Top tier learning. And a party that will go down in the record books. We knew it was going to be difficult to top that, but what we have in store for 2019 can do it!

The talent will be bigger (!!), the speakers will inspire, and the learning will be focused on what you need to grow your productivity and your business. From the newest agent to the most experienced, from marketing directors to team leaders, there will be content specifically for you, that fits your experience level and your desire to grow.

Beyond all that you expect from a Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Experience, the third day will be unlike anything you’ve seen before.