1. Exhibit Date/Time/Location –

    10:00am – 6:00pm each day
    The Realogy Services Group LLC (“Realogy”) trade show and exhibition called “The Source” will take place at the MGM Grand Hotel, Marquee Ballroom.

  2. Reassignment

    Services Group LLC reserves the unconditional right to reject any application for an exhibit booth and to revise, add to, or abandon any booths shown on the floor plan where Realogy believes it necessary, to revise the assignment of a booth to an exhibitor for betterment of the show.

  3. Subleasing, Modification of Standard Agreement

    Booths are not transferable by exhibitors. No subleasing or reassignment of booth by exhibitors is allowed.

  4. Booth Regulations

    1. All demonstrations, advertising and promotional activities of an exhibitor must be confined to the limits of the booth. Storage must meet Fire Marshal regulations. No outside meetings, product exhibits, displays or group product discussions may be conducted anywhere without the express written consent of Realogy.
    2. Annoyance – Exhibitors will take every precaution to minimize the noise of operating exhibits. Noise levels objectionable to other exhibitors will not be allowed.
    3. Floor Safety – Realogy reserves the right to stop any product demonstration, which is determined to be a safety hazard.
    4. Serving of beverages or food from exhibitor’s booth is prohibited.
    5. Violations of any of the above-mentioned rules may result in the cancellation of this agreement and removal of the exhibit from The Source without refund or liability to Realogy
  5. Booth Design Regulations

    1. Federal, state and local fire laws must be strictly observed by all exhibitors. Flammable fluids and substances are prohibited. Fabrics, decorative materials, table covers, artificial plants or flowers shall be flame-proofed and subject to the Fire Marshal inspection. Fire hose cabinets, service entrances and exit signs must be accessible and in full view.
    2. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the exhibit hall.
    3. Banners, signs, etc. may not be affixed or attached to any wall in the exhibit hall. No “stick-on” decals and similar promotional items may be distributed in the building.
    4. Realogy reserves the right to reject or prohibit any exhibit, or part thereof, including without limitation, any person, article, conduct, printed matter, catalogue or souvenir, that, in its opinion, is not suitable to and in keeping with the character of The Source.
  6. Positioning of Equipment With Relation to Aisle

    Machines or equipment operated or demonstrated at any time shall be placed so that no portion is closer than 12 inches (12”) to an aisle unless prior permission is obtained. Exhibitors must agree to display their exhibits so as not to obstruct the general view or hide other exhibits.

  7. Balloons

    The use of helium balloons smaller than 36 inches in diameter is not allowed, but smaller air-filled balloons may be used for decoration and/or handouts. Large helium-filled balloons may be used only if they are securely anchored. No helium balloons or blimps may be flown inside the building. Mylar balloons are not allowed anywhere on property. Helium gas cylinders must be secured in an upright position on safety stands with gauges protected from damage. No overnight storage of helium or compressed air cylinders in the building is allowed. Balloons cannot be released out of doors due to airport flight patterns in the area. A cleaning fee may apply should the balloons be left on property after the event.

  8. Drones

    Please be advised that drones are not allowed to be operated anywhere on MGM Grand property. There are very limited scenarios where this policy may be considered, however, prior review and approval (in writing) must be obtained from Risk Management Director and Convention Senior Leadership team of MGM Grand Hotel LLC. Any such requests must be made at least 60 days prior to any event to allow for sufficient review time. This policy also applies to any un-manned vehicles.

  9. Vehicles

    All vehicles displayed in the MGM Grand Conference Center must follow CCFD regulations and have the proper permits. These regulations include: fuel caps locked or taped, fuel may not exceed 1/8 of the tank capacity, battery disconnected, ignition keys removed, and propane tank removed; there must be at least 30” clear access maintained around the vehicle. Additionally, MGM Grand requires that each vehicle be equipped with its own fire extinguisher and that visqueen or other protective floor covering be placed under the vehicle. Exhibitor is responsible to obtain all vehicle permits from the Fire Marshal and have them on site. Exhibitor will be able to provide a vehicle key contact name and phone number to Hotel Management or Security in case of an emergency. At no time should vehicle tires have direct contact with the conference center carpeting.

  10. Registration of Visitors

    Realogy shall have sole control over admission policies at all times. All persons visiting the conference session rooms and the exhibit area as well as exhibitor personnel shall be required to register and wear an appropriate badge while in attendance. Realogy may exclude any person not wearing the appropriate badge.

  11. Official Service Contractor

    To assure orderly and efficient installation, operation and removal of the displays, and to minimize confusion by the presence or solicitation of unknown or unqualified firms, Shepard Exposition Services (“Shepard”), has been designated an official service contractor by Realogy. As such, Shepard holds exhibitor responsible for quality service, fair prices and is prepared to intercede on behalf of Realogy in the event of faulty work or unfair charges. An outside contractor to set-up and dismantle the exhibit must submit its requests in writing to Shepard and list the names of all display company representatives working in the exhibit area along with proof of liability insurance satisfactory to Realogy and Shepard.

  12. Persons Connected With Non-exhibiting Concerns

    Such persons are prohibited from any dealing, exhibiting or soliciting within the exhibit area. Exhibitors are urged to immediately report violations of this latter rule to Realogy or Shepard.

  13. Failure to Hold Exposition

    Should any contingency prevent holding of The Source, Realogy may retain such part of the exhibitor’s rental as shall be required to pay for expenses incurred up to the time such contingency occurred. The exhibitor waives all claims for damage or recovery of payment made except the return of the prorated amount paid for exhibit space less expenses incurred by Realogy and Shepard Exposition Services.

  14. Intellectual Property

    Exhibitor affirms that it owns or is authorized to use all intellectual and creative property used during The Source. Exhibitor will be responsible for all necessary licenses, royalties, and fees for use, and will defend, indemnify and hold Realogy and its volunteers, employees, agents and subcontractors harmless from all liability, costs and claims, losses and/or damages (including court costs and attorney fees) with respect to patent, copyright, trademark rights or other intellectual property claims.

  15. Publicity

    Realogy may announce the name of exhibitor, issue press releases, and create and distribute other publicity materials containing the name of exhibitor in regard to The Source and is licensed to use the trade names and marks of exhibitor for those purposes.

  16. Union Labor

    Exhibitors are required to observe all union contracts in effect between Realogy and the official contractors, the MGM Grand Hotel, LLC, and various labor organizations.

  17. Care of Building and Equipment

    Exhibitors are cautioned that they are liable for any damage caused by their representatives to the MGM Grand Hotel, LLC. Nothing may be affixed to any wall, ceiling or floor and will be promptly removed.

  18. Security

    Each exhibitor will be responsible for their exhibit at all times. Realogy, Shepard and the MGM Grand Hotel, LLC shall not be liable for any loss, damage or displacement of any exhibitor’s property due to any cause. Exhibitors are cautioned that small articles of value should be properly secured or removed whenever the booth is unattended.

  19. Liability

    The exhibitor agrees to make no claim against Realogy, Shepard, MGM Grand Hotel LLC and the building owners, nor any of their members, employees, officers, directors or agents for any injury to any exhibitor, its employees, agents or property or for any loss by fire, theft, water, delay, labor trouble or any cause whatsoever while exhibitors and merchandise are in transit, within the exhibit hall, nor for any damage to its business, for failure to provide space in the exhibit, nor for any action of Realogy, Shepard, MGM Grand Hotel LLC, and each of their members, employees, officers, directors or agents for failure to hold the exhibition as scheduled. Realogy reserves the right to restrict, close and remove exhibits because of noise, method of operation, uncooperative personnel, discord in advertising or for any other reason becomes objectionable to the overall conduct, success and high standards established by Realogy.

    The exhibitor further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Realogy, Shepard and the MGM Grand Hotel, LLC from any claims, demands, suits, liability, damages, loss, costs, attorney fees and expenses of whatever kind, which result from any action, or failure to act, or negligence by the exhibitor or any officers, agents, employees and representatives, including but not limited to claims and personal injury, damage or loss of property.

  20. Insurance

    At the request of Realogy or Shepard, the exhibitor will promptly provide to Realogy, a certificate of insurance showing that exhibitor has obtained for the duration of The Source, comprehensive general liability insurance and worker’s compensation, with minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence, covering exhibitor’s liability arising in connection with The Source, naming Realogy, Shepard, and the MGM Grand Hotel as additional insureds, providing for at least 10 days prior notice to Realogy of cancellation, termination or non-renewal. Such coverage shall be in force and effect at all times during The Source and exhibitor shall deliver such certificate to Realogy by December 31, 2018. Realogy may cancel this contract with exhibitor and retain all fees paid if exhibitor fails to deliver such certificate in a timely manner, or if such coverage is not maintained the entire duration of The Source, including the set-up and removal periods.

  21. Removal of Exhibits

    Realogy also reserves the right without notice and with no liability whatsoever for damage or loss, for inconvenience, or business interference, to close down, dismantle, dispose of, store or clear away from the premises, any exhibit display, material, goods, property or merchandise of any exhibitor who fails to comply with any of the official Rules and Regulations as set forth herein.

  22. General

    Once accepted by exhibitor, these Rules and Regulations become a binding agreement and, together with The Source rules and guidelines and any other documents which it incorporates by reference, and any changes made to them by Realogy Services Group LLC from time to time, constitutes entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any previous understandings between the parties.

    Changes to this agreement must be approved by Realogy in writing.

  23. Amendment to Rules

    Any and all matters or questions not specifically covered by these Rules and Regulations shall be subject solely to the discretion of Realogy. These Rules and Regulations may be amended without prior notice, at any time by Realogy. All amendments so made shall be binding on the exhibitors equally with the foregoing Rules and Regulations.